Rensource Energized with an Additional $3.5 Million in Financing

Rensource, a distributed power provider, has just raised an additional US $3.5 million in funding. Among other uses, the new funds will help expand operations into Kano and Abuja and allow Rensource to launch its “Powered by Rensource” offering that enables businesses to leverage Rensource’s infrastructure with the goal of energy independence. 

Mastercard and Yoco Bring Card Payments to another 15,000 Small and Medium Businesses in South Africa

This press release from Mastercard announces a collaboration with CRE portfolio company Yoco to roll out 15,000 mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) devices to small and medium-sized businesses by the end of 2017, while also educating these businesses on the benefits of going cashless.

Flutterwave Welcomes TransferWise to Nigeria

In this post on Medium, CRE portfolio company Flutterwave welcomes its partner TransferWise to Nigeria and discusses how this partnership will enable customers in the UK and around the world to use their debit cards or online banking accounts (via the TransferWise website and mobile app) to send money to family and friends in Nigeria.

CRE Leads $40 Million Series C Investment In Andela

We are proud to have led Andela's Series C round, which raised $40 million and is one of the largest investments ever led by an African venture firm into an Africa-based technology company. We wish to thank DBL Partners, Amplo, Salesforce Ventures, and TLcom Capital for their participation in this round.